ALLEN [doorman]

Allen, the surly doorman, is your protection against good & evil at the front gates of Fast Cheap and Out of Control. This is the man who will pat you down, ID you, and demand your $5 before admitting you to the madness that awaits. At the end of the night when he yells, "C'mon people, these lights don't mean stay!", he means it!

Your host: Psydde Delicious
Psydde Delicious / Friggster
Fast Cheap Dancer:
Melissa Bang Bang
Fast Cheap Dancer: LuLu Lollipop
Fast Cheap Dancer: Stephanie
Fast Cheap Dancer: Kurtis

Fast Cheap Dancer: Katie Kill

Fast Cheap Dancer: Key
Behind the bar: Lori / Matt / Shakey
At the door:
Lights / Opening Set: Trans-Am

Fast Cheap and Out of Control | Fluid Nightclub | Philadelphia, PA |