MAJOR WOOD [disc jockey]

Junior Friggster, from parts unknown, is the driving force behind the music every Sunday at Fast Cheap and Out of Control. From Bowie to Bauhaus, X-Ray Spex to Add n to (x), the Ramones to the Donnas... you won't hear any dance or hip-hop here. Rock and roll, punk, glam, with a small dose of vintage go-go-core, Frigg is redefining the DJ music scene in Philadelphia!

Your host: Psydde Delicious
Psydde Delicious / Friggster
Fast Cheap Dancer:
Melissa Bang Bang
Fast Cheap Dancer: LuLu Lollipop
Fast Cheap Dancer: Stephanie
Fast Cheap Dancer: Kurtis

Fast Cheap Dancer: Katie Kill

Fast Cheap Dancer: Key
Behind the bar: Lori / Matt / Shakey
At the door:
Lights / Opening Set: Trans-Am

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