The Girls of TittySlap!


"The Voodoo Priestess"

From the darkest swamps of Louisiana saunters Kitty the Voodoo Priestess of the bayou. With a bloodline decent directly from the infamous "Madame Louver", Miss Kitty yields all of the darkest of Voodoo Magic while facing her opponents. The wild streets of New Orleans have nothing on this sexy Cajun Temptress. She is sure to put a spell on you if your're not careful.

Melissa Bang Bang

"The Indian Princess"

In the chest of Melissa Bang Bang beats the heart of a true warrior. This Indian Princess was born for the Heat of Battle. Off the trampoline she is every bit the princess, stately and graceful, but once she faces her nemesis her fighting spirit shines bright! Even while scalping her enemy, you can't help but notice how hot she is... if you see her teepee rockin', by all means please come a knockin'.



"The Nature Scout"

How this sweet nature scout found herself in the middle of "TittySlap" we'll never know! Kelsey will have to use all her scouting know-how to fight her way through the other girls. Hopefully this little nature hottie will earn herself a Tittyslap merit badge and the "Tittyslap" championship before it's done. Somewhere between helping old ladies across the street and selling cookies door to door she found time to slap some titties.


Becky Vomit

"Punk Rock Rebel"

Becky Vomit doesn't give a fuck. She's a tattooed wild card, hard fighting, hard liquor drinking, titty-slapping machine! She's the punk rock powerhouse you've always dreamed of but weren't man enough to approach. She loves the ultra-violence she dishes out to the girls who are unfortunate enough to face her. Never mind the bullocks, here's Becky Vomit!


Miss B. Havin

Miss B. Havin was raised on the unforgiving streets of the city, but she proved to be the tougher of the two! This urban wild child will beat down any bitch that steps to her. That's what makes her perfect for the Tittyslap arena. The right amount of sexy woman mixed with street smart ass-kicking... she represents Big Titty Slap Style!


Diva Deville

"Burlesque Beauty"

This Buxom Blonde Bombshell always gets exactly what she wants, and what she wants is to take apart her opponents on the Titty Slap Trampoline! Don't Let her fool you though... she is every ounce the demanding diva constantly surrounded by her entourage and hounded by her TittySlap Fans.








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